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In the center of Iași,
accessible from any part of the city

Located in the central office area, near Palace of Culture and the main conference centers, NOC takes by surprise the local market with a unique mix of facilities in Iași, that transforms class A offices into optimal and durable solutions, perfectly adapted to an engaging, flexible work environment connected to technology.

Built to offer comfort, safety, premium facilities and functionalities of class A offices to national and multinational companies, NOC is oriented towards business sector partners, looking for a modern, flexible and ultra-performant work environment that meets their specific professional activity requests and needs and contributes to the growth of the business and the increase of employee’s performance and satisfaction

The ten-story building, B + G + 8 floors, has a glass curtain type façade with high thermal and acoustic resistance, providing high security and comfort, but also a modern design.


In Iași, Șos. Națională nr. 25-27

Built surface 10.900 sqm

We know you like to share your ideas with your friends and co-workers, this is why we created large and open spaces, for the information to move quickly and efficiently, especially when you have good news for the others or when time is not your best friend.

Finishes, modern design
and premium facilities

The quality of the finishes, the premium facilities and smart applications place NOC into the category of class A offices and create a strong differentiator on the market, guaranteeing an increased comfort and an improved life style for those choosing NOC to grow their business and professional career.

Since we know how important it is, for the development of any business, to attract and keep the most valuable colleagues in the team, to create a pleasant, engaging and flexible work environment for them, connected to technology, but also to the specific needs of any employee, NOC focuses on the well-being of the people working in our offices.

Leasable surfaces


191 sqm


1.295 sqm

2 - 5 FLOOR

1.359 sqm

6 - 7 FLOOR

1.173 sqm



The best class A offices in Iași

Dedicated professional services

Since we know how important it is for your business partner or new colleague to be welcomed in from the very first day and that the first feeling counts, at NOC, you can enjoy dedicated professional services: from front desk, to security and cleaning. In order for you to have time for truly important things, that help your business grow daily. Moreover, you should know that a clean office environment improves the employees’ experience at the work place and increases their satisfaction.

Floating floor

We like to be flexible and find solutions for every situation, this is why we chose, for the NOC offices, a raised floor system, made up of modular panels, that allow hiding the cables and the electrical installations, as well as an easy access to them, if necessary. This type of floor offers flexibility and ensures functionality, creating an efficient and safe environment. The raised floor ensures very good thermal and acoustic insulation and has non-slip properties.

Advanced heating and ventilation

We know that is important it is to feel good at your work place, this is why we implemented advanced heating and ventilation systems, that ensure an increased thermal comfort and a higher air quality in each office, during the entire year. The advanced heating and ventilation system is silent and modern.

Large glass surfaces

Natural light influences your well-being and connects you to the nature and the environment. And given that we like offices with natural light and we want you to enjoy it throughout the year, at NOC, we arranged large glass surfaces in order to allow the sunlight to come through.

Close to public transportation

We encourage an eco-friendly life style and we want you to spend as much time as possible doing want to like, this is why we chose a good location for the NOC office building. It is in the center, close to public transportation stations, but also to the neighborhoods where important kindergartens and schools in Iași are located. Moreover, it is easy to get in time at the office or to schedule interview for the new colleagues.

Permanent fresh air

Studies show that the quality of indoor air and access to fresh air can support employees’ focus, while also maintaining a constant 20o C temperature. This is why, at NOC, we take care of the air you breathe in order to be a best quality air, therefore we chose the HVAC system (4 pipes), that integrate the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system through fan coil units and ensures an optimum fresh air intake.

Low power consumption

Thanks to the performant heating and ventilation systems, but also to the electric equipment used to save energy, we optimize the maintenance costs from your first day at the office, offering, at the same time, a healthy work environment, increased thermal comfort and high-quality indoor air.

Energy guaranteed 24/7

At NOC, we encourage the dedication to work and we know how important it is for you not to have any power failure, especially when you are working on a project that has a short deadline or when or you are downloading a large file, so the building is equipped with a power generator at optimum capacity.

Building Management Systems

We integrated the equipment of the building into a structure that offers a high level of control and automatization, encouraging cost savings, environmental care and efficient use of energy. By means of a platform, a unified automation solution is provided for building control, integrating all its systems: HVAC, Lighting, Security, Energetic Management.

Complete LED lightning

At NOC, we chose the LED technology that provides a qualitative and comfortable lightning, but also an efficient, safe and economic usage. The light is comfortable for the eyes and reaches instantly a maximum intensity. The light bulbs do not heath up, do not contain mercury, and the energy consumption is considerably decreased by up to 80%. In addition, they can be recycled as electrical waste.

Automated security systems

We implemented automated security systems and we installed smoke sensors and hydrants, and, at the level of the building, there are two evacuation stairwells.

4 quick elevators

We know time is very important for you and each moment counts, this is why the building has four quick state-of the-art elevators.

Underground parking places

It is important to have your own parking place near the office, this is why at NOC we offer underground parking places, to give you the comfort you need.

Thermal and acoustic resistance

The façade of the NOC office building is made out of a glass curtain wall type with high thermal and acoustic resistance, ensuring increased security and comfort, but also a modern design.

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